Muncie ARF caring for blind beagle who was rescued in ditch

MUNCIE, Ind. – A beagle is on a long road of recovery after he was rescued in a Greene County ditch on Saturday.

A woman was driving from Bloomington in Greene County when she noticed what she thought was a squirrel lying on the side of the road.  Mary Witte decided to stop and check on the animal which turned out to be a severely injured 15-pound beagle.

She met up with her daughter’s mother-in-law who volunteers at ARF, Lisa Marsh, in Greenwood on Monday after taking care of him over the weekend.

“He ended up scooting across the highway on his belly then slid down a steep ditch, luckily, he rested up against a tree to break his fall.” Marsh told us.

The dog was suffering from head trauma, was malnourished and had little to no energy.

Lisa said vets at ARF have speculated that the beagle, later named Boone, could be a possible victim of abuse by a hunter.

They told her that hunters in that area are known to use beagles as hunting partners. In that area, they have heard of past cases where beagles were abandoned due to lack of hunting skills.

Upon arrival, vets concluded that Boone’s retinas were detached and he was completely blind as a result. Marsh also said it appears Boone is hard of hearing which is odd for a 2-year-old dog.

They are looking into whether or not the dog’s condition was caused by this potential abuse.

“Our vets said if it wasn’t for Mary stopping her car, Boone most likely would not have survived the night.” Marsh said.

Marsh said that the timeline for Boone’s recovery will be a month to 6 weeks. He will be a special needs dog due to his blindness.

The cost of Boone’s recovery is expected to be around $1,000. If you’d like to donate to ARF to help out with his recovery, you can send checks to ARF, 1209 W. Riggen Road, Muncie 47303.

Once Boone is ready to be taken home, inquires into his adoption can be made in-person or by calling 765-282-2733.