Police: Thief breaks into same Greenwood convenience store twice, steals chewing tobacco

GREENWOOD, Ind. – Investigators in Greenwood believe the same thief broke into the same convenience store on two consecutive days to steal chewing tobacco.

The first break-in happened between late Monday night and early Tuesday morning. Deputies were called to the Circle K/Shell gas station at 1229 N. Bluff Rd., where they found a fire extinguisher and a broken cinder block sitting in front of the shattered front door.

Inside the store, deputies said the fire extinguisher had been used; they found chemical powder all over the ground. There were also two cans of chewing tobacco lying on the floor behind the cash register and someone had tried to pry the door open to the office.

Surveillance video showed a young, overweight male in an orange or red t-shirt, white hoodie, black shorts and black shoes breaking the glass on the entrance door and stealing several cans of chewing tobacco, according to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies responded to the same business after an alarm went off around 12:40 a.m. Wednesday. They found someone had shattered the front door with a cinder block. Police conducted a search with a K9 but didn’t find a suspect.

Surveillance video showed the same suspect from the night before—wearing a camo jacket, jeans, boots and gloves this time—break into the store.

The store owner said three pouches of chewing tobacco were missing from the shelves; the thief dropped two of them as he climbed out of the store.

Sheriff Doug Cox says investigators know the identity of the person wanted in connection with the burglaries.