Indiana man makes free prosthetic legs for 3-pawed puppy

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. — An Indiana puppy born without one of his paws is finally able to walk at a near-normal gait thanks to a prosthetic leg.

Tom Whitehurst makes prosthetic limbs for humans, but he agreed to make a series of free prosthetic left legs for Furgus, a Great Dane puppy adopted by Evansville residents Bill and Pam Lawrence.

The 16-week-old dog’s left leg is about half the length it should be and doesn’t have a paw.

But Furgus is now walking on his sixth prosthetic leg, and that version uses the joint from a child’s prosthetic arm for a knee.

He’ll need several more prosthetic legs as he grows.

Whitehurst tells The Evansville Courier & Press he now feels responsible for keeping Furgus walking “so I’ve got to keep doing it.”

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