Two hurt, three suspects on the loose after Anderson home invasion

ANDERSON, Ind. —Police are looking for three people who broke into an Anderson home Monday morning.

Anderson investigators say three men were armed and hurt the two people in the house so badly they had to go to the hospital.

At 8 a.m. Anderson police showed up to the 300 block of West Sixth Street.

“Keep your door locked, even when you’re at home,” said Major Joel Sandefur. “You just never know what could happen or what somebody might be up to, regardless of where you live.”

They can’t say yet whether the suspects targeted the two victims or chose their house randomly. Either way, neighbors say they’re fed up with the crime on their block.

“We’ve had a barricaded gunman over there, we’ve had a lot of drug trafficking over there, so it’s really been a nuisance to the whole neighborhood,” said neighbor Mike Garland.

The three men got away with cash before police showed up.

Detectives have interviewed one person of interest but are still searching for leads.