Former IMPD chief discusses potential game changer for fighting crime, social issues

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It’s being called a game changer for identifying and solving issues that affect every community.

As IMPD chief, Troy Riggs talked about using data to figure out how to fight crime and keep neighborhoods safe by addressing quality of life issues like hunger and poverty.

That data resulted in millions being put in six focus areas and identifying beats for officers. It was also used to address hunger. The result? Crime went down. ​

Riggs, who is now the Vice President of the Sagamore Institute, released the Public Good Index that dissects the issues in Indiana’s 11 biggest cities that contribute to crime.

Patrick Sells from the Sells Group just purchased the data model and is now reformatting and expanding it as part of a non-profit to make this data available to the public.

Now, other non-profits, churches, civic organizations and the general public will be able to access the information, tailor it to the services they provide and more effectively meet people's needs and ultimately reduce crime.

Next, the Sells Group will compile that data and make it available for cities in all 50 states. The data center will operate nationwide out of Indianapolis.

Riggs and Sells joined Fanchon Stinger on the FOX59 Red Couch to discuss why this will improve crime numbers and help improve communities here in Indiana and nationwide.