Greensburg police arrest 12-year-old and teen allegedly connected to 11 vehicle break-ins

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GREENSBURG, Ind. -Greensburg Police say they’ve caught two people responsible for a rash of car break-ins Halloween night.  Chief Brendan Bridges confirms the suspects are just 12 and 16 years old. He says in total, eleven vehicles were broken into and all of them were unlocked.

“It’s a shame they feel like that’s what they have to resort to do,” said Bridges.

Authorities said unlocked cars have been getting broken into all over town and they’re warning people to use common sense.

“The simple fact again, watching out for your neighbors, lock your vehicles, take your valuables out,” said Bridges.

Authorities said among the items stolen Tuesday was a handgun out of a car, but that firearm was not found with the teens when they were arrested.

One victim we spoke to said his golf cart was stolen Tuesday but was recovered a few days later.

“Being Halloween kids will do certain things but they’re crossing the line a little bit,” said Myron Beckner, who was relieved to have his golf cart back.

The Chief said if you see anything suspicious, call police as that is what they’re there for.

In the meantime, those two suspects are facing a slew of theft-related charges.