Showers and thunderstorms develop after warmest in 11 days; 70-degrees possible this weekend

Quiet and mild for now so get out and enjoy while you can. The rain threat is rising. A Wind shifting cold front slips southeast passing Indianapolis around 1 to 2 am.  Before it arrives scattered showers and a t-storm threat increases thru 9 pm.
This is the WARMEST in 11 days and up a whopping 22-degrees from same time Wednesday!  Suddenly Fall returns after a spell of winter-level temperatures.
We will remain more mild even after a cold front passes late tonight. The same front will move north again this weekend.
One year ago on this date we reached 78-degrees (a record high).  We average two 70-degree days from November 1st through the end of year and we are forecasting one this Sunday!  The same front that passed tonight will move north again starting Saturday and move north of the state by Sunday morning.  Temperatures are expected to run 15-degrees above normal and near the record high of 76-degrees.  Showers and thunderstorms are likely to be sparse until late in the day.  We will monitor trends.