VIDEO: Greenwood family’s incredible Halloween display looks like set from ‘The Walking Dead’

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GREENWOOD, Ind. – No, this isn’t the set of “The Walking Dead.” This incredible display is in the front yard of a home in Greenwood.

Jessica and Jeremy Hunter have been decorating their home for Halloween for the past four years.

Hunter tells FOX59 it all started with a few stuffed dummies in their front yard with a little fake blood, and it has continued to grow every year since then. “The car scene, Negan, hammer zombie and Winslow (spike zombie) are all new for this year," Hunter said.

It usually takes the Hunter family an entire weekend at the beginning of October to set everything up. Throughout the rest of the month, they continue to add more props from the newest season of “The Walking Dead.” Hunter says there’s a lot more work to it than just putting a mask on a dummy. Every mannequin is individually painted to seem more realistic.

“Each mannequin has hours and hours put into it so they resemble the characters. I try to be correct on the clothing, shoes, accessories, and weapons. I spend a lot of time trying to make them look correct,” Hunter told FOX59.

He said they usually take the display down right after Halloween, but he kept it up a few extra days this year due to the rain. With all of the interest in the display, he says he plans to keep it up through the weekend. He even rents a storage unit all year long to store everything.

So what do his neighbors think of all of this? “The first year people thought it was gross, and that I was their weird neighbor. But now they see how much work we put into it. They see us in the garage and in the driveway putting new things together, and now they enjoy it. I consider it an art installation rather than just some decorations,” Hunter said.

Hunter says he starts thinking about next year’s display as soon as he takes the latest one down each year.

“It is something that is in the back of my mind all year… I guess with the attention it has gotten expectations will be high for next year,” Hunter said.

You can visit the display at the Hunter residence in the 100 block of Windmill Trail in Greenwood.