Foodie Spotlight: Scotty’s Brewhouse

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Indianapolis is quickly becoming one of the hottest food cities in America. A destination for true foodies who are interested in everything from fine dining to food trucks. This column will put the spotlight on one of these local hot spots to help get the word out and share in the love of all things food.

Review by contributor Dustin Heller

Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it…local boy hits it big on the national scene.  The local boy in question is Scotty’s Brewhouse and they are expanding all across the country thanks in part to their craft beers and their fabulous food.  Scotty’s was founded some twenty years ago in Muncie, Indiana by Scott Wise and it’s been booming ever since.   They currently have fourteen locations across the state of Indiana (shout out to the 96th St location) and three out of state (with a fourth coming very soon).

This past December, Scotty’s was acquired by Due North Holdings LLC, who plans on expanding to over 100 locations worldwide over the next five years.  Those are lofty goals, but they know they have a good thing on their hands!  Don’t think Scott Wise just took the money and run either, he’s remained an integral part of the Scotty’s team and is still a creative force behind the brand.  Speaking of the Scotty’s brand, they just recently rebranded and have a really cool new logo that will unify the brand globally.

Scotty’s Brewhouse is what I’d call a jack of all trades; it is a great place to watch a game, hang out after work, or even take the family for dinner.  They have a little something for everyone and every occasion.  Scotty’s says that local and regional craft beer is in their DNA, but I’m here to tell you that their food holds its own.  The menu used to look more like a text book than a menu, but they trimmed it down to make it a little more manageable without sacrificing many of their signature dishes.  They even have some exciting new dishes on the menu that you might not have checked out yet.  With that out of the way, I can now tell you about the four items that you absolutely “can’t miss” when visiting Scotty’s.

  1. Burgers…notice I didn’t use the singular, because you are going to want to try every burger on the menu.  Just listen to some of these beauties…red, white, and blueberry bbq, ragin’ cajun bleu bison, and for the child in all of us, bacon mac n’ cheese.  If that wasn’t enough, they offer a burger of the month that is always creative and down-right delicious.  You also have the Scotty’s guarantee that the beef will never be frozen.
  2. Mo’Fo’ Wings…Mo’Fo’ is right, because these wings are…wait a minute, this is a family column.  Well, let’s just say they’re really hot, but they are meaty and delicious at the same time.  If you’re not into hot, don’t fret, they have lots of other tasty sauces to choose from.
  3. Asian Sesame Salmon Salad…try saying that 10 times as fast as you can.  Not only is this a gorgeous dish, but the taste is out of this world.  The teriyaki-glazed salmon is flaky and fresh and the salad is zesty and bursting with flavor.
  4. Piggy Mac Grilled Cheese…pulled pork, covered with honey bbq sauce, melted in-between cheddar and American cheeses, with creamy mac n’ cheese on buttery sourdough toast.  If that doesn’t whet your appetite, you might want to check your pulse.

The most impressive thing about Scotty’s is how they’ve managed to maintain that local feel even though they’re expanding everywhere.  It’s the same great Scotty’s we’ve come to know and love, we just get to share it with a lot more people now.

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