Fountain Square hosts first ‘Human Library’

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'To Indy, With Love', Indianapolis' social-emotional education provider hosted the city's first 'Human Library' on Friday.

The library created a space for volunteer 'human books' to share their stories and humanity with neighbors.

Those who came to the event were provided with a list of 'human book titles' and were offered half an hour to ask each 'human book' questions. Sensitive questions about stereotypes were expected and welcome.

"Folks can come in off the street and check out a human being that's been stereotyped based on race, religion, physical health, occupation and romance...ask that person any questions they'd like for 30 minutes and then return that book, that human being just like they would a book and check out the next human book they're interested in," says Mishara Winston, founder of 'To Indy, With Love'.

The 'Human Library' was founded in Denmark and is in 90 countries, including the United States-but it's a first in Indianapolis.

Ashley Virden participated in the event with her two children.

"What I've learned is that I'm not alone and that it's good to be more transparent and open about what you're going through. It's very therapeutic actually."

Winston says with the success of today's library, she would like to plan more in the future.




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