Your Town Friday: Flat Fork Creek Park, Crave Ice Cream Social, Wooden Bear Brewing

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Hamilton County, Ind. - We picked a cold morning to check out Flat Fork Creek Park, but near-freezing temperatures didn't stop the people who love this place!

"It’s a place where we want people to just unplug," said Tony Elliot, Director of Parks and Recreation for Fishers.

This park is one of Tony's newest. It's only a couple years old.

"It’s a little taste of Eagle Creek or Brown County here in Fishers. It’s very close to the city, very close to the homes here in Fishers, but it feels like you’re away. It feels like you’re off grid and you can go have an adventure."

Flat Fork Creek park is 60 acres. Fifteen of those acres are wooded. There is an elevated boardwalk that makes you feel like you're walking in the treetops. There are three tree houses and one of them is wheelchair-accessible. You can fish in two ponds. There are monthly sunset hikes. And there is a mountain biking trail.

"It’s a great place for beginners and for experts. There are great features for skills buildings, some big wooden berms and skinnies and teeter totters and different things to kind of play on, so it’s a fun place whether you’re building your skills or it's your first ride."

And you can't miss the big hill. Soon it'll be prime time for sledding. And for the first time this year, it'll play host to a sleddy!

"It’s sort of built after an event in Hawaii called the Eddie, which is a surf tournament that only happens when conditions are just right," said Tony. "So this event does not have a date. It does not have a scheduled time. We will announce within 24 hours when the event is going to happen. So what we’re encouraging people to do right now is to build their sledding devices."

If you want to get started, click here for the rules and categories.

"And then when the time is right, hopefully this year we’ll get some snow, we’ll make the call to get out here and have a massive sledding competition!"

This weekend is the Fall N 2 Flat Fork event. It's Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and it's free! You can do yoga on top of the hill, attend skills sessions on mountain biking, roast marshmallows at a campfire, go on group hikes and much more. Click here for more on Fall N 2 Flat Fork.

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