Silver Alert issued for 8-month-old girl missing from Indianapolis

Husband of dad killed in fire speaks out

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Jason Doan died to save his family. That’s what his husband, Alan Marin, said just days after a fire ripped through their Indianapolis home on Thursday.

Marin said his husband was always working and doing everything he could to make the lives of his kids the best they could. Right now he’s not remembering how Jason died, but how he lived and the example he tried to set for everyone.

“His biggest focus was his family,” said Marin, “his mom, dad, and our children…making sure they were taken care of.”

Doan’s sister, Missi Story, also spoke about how important Jason’s family was to him.

“He was the best dad, the best husband, just family was just 100 percent Jason,” said Story.

He and Marin got married in 2014, on the very day gay marriage became legal in the U.S. Their family quickly grew with the couple adopting three boys from foster care.

“A lot of straight people with kids would come up to us and be like ‘we’re really proud of what you guys are doing, your kids are really happy, they’re taken really good care of,’” said Marin.

Marin said Jason, who owned a construction company, never wanted their family to be seen any differently than anyone else’s.

“It was really important for people to know that our kids were being raised in a gay family, but they were still being kids,” said Marin, “they were still being themselves.”

But on Thursday night, Jason made one final sacrifice, saving the lives of his family as fire tore through their home.

“He pushed me through the window, passed me the kids, and he said get out and get away from here,” said Marin, “and he saved me, he saved his kids and me…so he’s a hero.”

Police have now arrested a 16-year-old boy for arson and murder in the case. A family friend told us that boy is the couple’s oldest child, although police have not yet said whether he’s related to Jason, citing the ongoing investigation.

But his family wants to focus on how his life was lived. A life that, when you get down to it, wasn’t all that different than most other peoples.

“He was a great person,” said Marin, “it doesn’t matter if he was straight, gay or whatever, he was a hero because he saved his family.”

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