Driver rescued after disregarding high water signs in Rush County

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RUSH COUNTY, Ind. – A driver who disregarded high water signs ended up in need of a rescue after her car stalled in floodwaters Monday afternoon.

According to Indiana State Police, the pregnant woman told 911 dispatchers that water was beginning to come in through her door. The call came in around 1 p.m. Monday at County Road South just west of County Road 715 West.

Dispatchers advised the woman to use a window to exit the door and climb onto the roof, which is Indiana State Police protocol for escaping from a car that’s taking on water.

Master Trooper Mike Ooley and Rush County deputies arrived on scene to coordinate the rescue. Manilla Fireman Phil Ramsey arrived in a four-wheel-drive truck, and Ooley climbed in the back. The truck drove slowly through the high waters to reach 22-year-old Addison Pugh and her 1996 Grand Prix.

They were able to get Pugh to safety. Ramsey backed the truck out of the water without further incident.

Ooley said the area is known to flood easily and that high water signs had been posted.