Investigators say foul play may be involved in disappearance of Shelbyville man

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SHELBYVILLE, Ind.-- Authorities in Shelby County are searching for a 38-year-old man who reportedly disappeared while out searching for his dogs this week.

“Whether he is hiding, hurt, in a ditch…we do not know. We just want to know if he is okay,” said Mandy Young, Chris Young's wife.

Mandy has not seen or heard from her husband since Monday.

“I do not know what is going on honestly. He has no phone and I have no idea where he would be,” she said.

Police say Chris reportedly ran out of his Shelbyville home to search for his two pit bulls and never came back.

“We are so worried because nobody knows where he is at,” said Young.

Young says Chris took off after the dogs without his cell phone or shoes.

“Just socks, a t-shirt, and a pair of jeans,” said Young.

Chris’ sister Amanda Garcia says her brother got into a physical fight with a neighbor while out searching for the dogs because he trespassed onto someones property.

“They said that he was looking into their windows and yelling for his dogs and the guy got mad because he woke up his wife. Chris went into the back yard and jumped a fence and he said that Chris got a 2x4 and was trying to hit him and then the guy fell so Chris stepped over him and then the guy pulled his legs back and Chris fell,” said Garcia.

Since that night, family and friends have spent hours searching for the 38-year-old man around Shelby County.

“Yelling out the windows, shining lights, and his brother walked down 44 looking into the ditches on both sides,” said Young.

Shelbyville Police are working the case. FOX59 was at the home when detectives stopped by to pick up Chris’ cell-phone.

“To see if there is any calls on there or anything that might show where he is at,” said Young.

Police tell us detectives are working the case from all angles and are not ruling out foul play. Chris’ family hopes someone in the community comes forward with information to help police.

“He is a good guy and everybody likes him. Whoever knows where he is please come forward and let us know he is okay,” said Garcia.

Anyone with information on this missing persons case is asked to call the Shelbyville Police Department at 317-392-5108.