Police recover more than 50 stolen car batteries, looking for thieves

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KOKOMO, Ind. – Police are searching for thieves stealing car batteries. In the past few days, Kokomo Police have received dozen reports of stolen car batteries.

On Wednesday morning, Dewitt Epperly went out to his truck, which was parked in the alley behind his home. He immediately he ran into trouble.

“I went to start it and it didn’t start. I thought it just shorted out or something and I opened the hood back up and the battery was gone,” explains Epperly.

Above Epperly’s truck was a surveillance camera that was recording.

Footage shows a man walking around the parked truck.  You can see the hood of Epperly’s truck open, then within seconds it’s closed and the man is gone.  The best image of the thief’s face is when he gets closer to the camera and he pushes back his hooded sweatshirt.

“(It’s) something else. I can’t believe it,” explains Dewitt Epperly, victim.

Kokomo Police tell FOX59 a tip from a scrapyard led them to a stash of 50-60 car batteries.

“These guys were just out on a mission. I don’t know what their mission is but they were on a mission,” explains Mark Gillem, owner of North End Tire and Auto.

Gillem says the thieves hit two of his cars and then tried taking a battery out of a third vehicle. He had to foot the bill to replace the parts, but he feels this crime is deeper than just the bottom line.

“Get a job, get a skill set, get something you can do that you can get a job with. Why look over your shoulder all the time?” explains Gillem.

Investigators believe they’re looking for more than one thief, possibly a group working together.

“They don’t really care what they’re getting out of them because it didn’t cost them nothing,” explains Epperly.

Police are following up on promising leads.  If you reported your battery stolen, call Kokomo Police at  765-457-1105.