Top tips for saving on holiday travel

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Many Americans say it's the most wonderful time of the year —unless you’re traveling during the holidays!

If you want to spend less time and money, the simplest step is: don't procrastinate!

"About two months before the holidays, prices start to really jump. And of course, the closer you get to the holiday, the more expensive it will be, so don't put off getting a ticket for travel," said consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch.

Another method you should definitely keep in mind is reconsidering a round-trip flight. Instead, try one-way flights that are pieced together. A recent study shows one-way flights now make up 42% of flights. That’s because more airlines are offering one-way flights, so prices are coming way down.

"I like to price out one-way flights and make my own round trip and customize my trip based on the best deals that I find. And in many cases, I find it's better than a round-trip deal," said Woroch.

If you want to find the cheapest flights, be flexible. Many travelers live close enough to several airports and if you can fly into or out of a different airport, there's a good chance one will be cheaper. In some cases, it can make a big difference in cost depending on where the airline is based or travels to most.

Another idea is to travel on the actual holiday if you can. It is always far less crowded and the day you'll find the cheapest airfare. If you can get an early flight, it still allows you time to get to your destination to celebrate the holiday without breaking the bank.

Don't forget the sometimes unforgotten cost of getting to the airport and parking your vehicle. If you're gone several days, it can add up. Airport parking is not always more convenient, and it is often more expensive. Travelers can find a variety of parking options by going to You can compare prices and find parking lots nearby that offer 24/7 shuttle service. Flyers can also read reviews to make sure it's secure parking. Many of the rates are as inexpensive as $6 or $7 a day.

The final tip before buying a plane ticket is to track flight prices on a variety of different internet sites. Depending on the day, and even the time of day, prices can fluctuate.