Wife of Hoosier sailor killed in plane crash expecting child, reveals gender on Veteran’s Day

HAMPSTEAD, N.C. – The wife of a Hoosier sailor killed in a plane crash in July found out she was pregnant three weeks after the tragic accident.

Cassie Lohrey had only been married to Ryan Lohrey, a Middletown native, for one month when the Navy corpsman and 15 Marines died in Mississippi.

When it came time to announce their baby’s gender, Cassie took the opportunity to honor Ryan’s memory and his service on Veteran’s Day.

Cassie, who lives in Hampstead, North Carolina, asked some of her late husband’s friends and team members to help with the announcement.

“It was very evident to me what a special man Ryan was and how many lives he had touched,” said Saralyn Johnson, a photographer that captured the precious moment when pink confetti showed Cassie was expecting a girl.

Cassie’s sister, Courtney, started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the future mom and her daughter.

“Given the sticky logistics that were not hammered out in the detail that was required, Cassie and Baby Lohrey are financially on their own,” said Courtney on the crowdfunding page “Not at all how one would hope this tragedy would go down but God has a plan! This baby is the blessing that my sister needed in order to wake up every day.”

Cassie is expecting her baby next March.