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Hired or Fired Week on FOX59 Morning News

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It’s that time of the year again: Hired or Fired Week on FOX59 Morning News!

Scott Jones, Angela Ganote, Ray Cortopassi, Lindy Thackston and Britt Baker put themselves to the test in a variety of professions.

Scott was up first, working as an employee for Lowe’s. Would he earn the coveted red vest? Find out below!

Angela has a persistent fear of dogs--something that stems from the movie adaptation of the Stephen King book Cujo. Could she conquer her fear and make it as a dog trainer?

Ray suited up as a school lunch worker at Zionsville West Middle School. He served four lunch shifts to fifth- through eighth-graders--hairnet included.

The new Fishers IKEA is one of the largest stores in the area! Could Lindy make it as one of the employees?

Britt tried her hand at being an exterminator, taking care of those pesky creepy crawlers in your house. Let's just say she gave it her best shot.

Here's the final scorecard: