Flora Fire Department chief resigns with arson investigation unsolved

FLORA, Ind. – The chief of the Flora Fire Department stepped down Tuesday, sources tell FOX59.

Chief Adam Randle’s resignation comes just one week before the one-year anniversary of the house fire that killed four young sisters, Keyana, Keyara, Kerrielle and Kionne.

Investigators have said that they believe the fire was intentionally set, but there have been no arrests made in the case.

Adam Randle isn't the first investigator connected to this unsolved case who has recently resigned.

Back in June, a fire investigator assigned to the case, Adam Randle's father, Dennis Randle quit his job. Dennis Randle was the fire investigator for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. Dennis Randle was in charge of the Flora investigation.

FOX59's Aishah Hasnie exposed problems with the state's findings, including the initial claim that accelerants were all over the house. Accelerants were actually only in one spot. A day later, Dennis Randle resigned.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Carroll County Prosecutor Rob Ives would be retiring at the end of the year with a year left in his term. He says he made the decision for private and personal reasons. Ives's retirement comes as the Flora case and the Delphi investigation into who murdered Abby Williams and Libby German remain unsolved.

NAACP leaders recently voiced their concerns about how Indiana State Police are handling the investigation, accusing the agency of trying to cover up missteps.

Randle's resignation is effective immediately and we're told the announcement came at a regularly scheduled Flora Fire Department meeting. When FOX59 asked Flora Fire Department officials the reason why Randle decided to step down, our crews were not given a clear answer.

Indiana State Police issued the following statement in response to Randle's resignation:

"Regardless of who the prosecutor or fire chief may be, the Indiana State Police will continue following all leads related to the Flora fire and Delphi investigations."