Heavy fog to start…sunshine builds before a rainy Wednesday!

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A DENSE FOG ADVISORY is in effect until 9 a.m. for our northern viewing area! The combination of clear skies, light winds, colder temperatures (reaching the dew point) and damp ground lead to these conditions overnight. Although the fog is thick and a few school delays will be possible...I still feel that sunshine will build in through the day (regardless of the temperature inversion). Strong ridging should be enough to erode the fog away and give us a brighter afternoon with highs nearing 50°!

Clouds gather late tonight, as a cold front approaches from the west! The end result will bring a solid shot of rain for Wednesday with the possibility of a few embedded storms. Nothing severe but some rumbles of thunder could be around and perhaps a few stronger gusts.

A larger, more vigorous autumn storm will be moving in Friday night and into Saturday. This front will likely generate stronger winds, heavier rains and more widespread storms. It will also drive our temperatures down through Saturday, as an early winter feel returns for Sunday!