IPS showcase of schools will include new enrollment method that does away with waitlists

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – We're not even half way through the school year, but one group is already looking ahead to next year. Staff members from Enroll Indy kicked off a canvassing campaign this week to let families know about the new one match application for IPS students looking to get into choice schools.

The application lets Indianapolis families apply to up to 10 schools at a time to get one school match for next fall.

The one match program is in response to the dreadful waitlist many families had to deal with when trying to get their child enrolled in a choice school. But now with this program, the waiting game is over.

"So if you want to access a public school in Indianapolis that either IPS or charter you've got one application, you've got one timeline and you get one match as a result of it," IPS Director of Enrollment and Options, Patrick Herrel said.

The district partnered with Enroll Indy to process the new applications. Instead of applying to your choice schools separately you fill out one application for up to ten schools. The catch is, you're matched with only one school. But you can take a gamble.

"So if you want to try for a different school in a later round, go for it. Just know that you should only apply for a school you want more than whatever school you have now," Herrel said.

The Best family experienced the waiting list and lottery process when they relocated to Indianapolis. Their son didn't get into his first choice school and stayed on the waiting list for more than a month after school started. That caused the family to send him to three different schools as they searched for the right fit until he was taken off the waiting list.

"It just stressed us out as far as knowing we're so close to getting in to our school of choice but we just kept hanging out at the number two and even at the number one spot for such a long time," mother, Kimberley Best said.

With this new application process you will know what school your child was accepted to based on the choices you put on your application, so there's no waiting list.

You can learn more about the new program here or in person Saturday, November 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Indiana State Museum. The event is free.