Our weather takes another turn – after Tuesday’s sunshine a windy, wet Wednesday

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A bump up in the afternoon temperatures Tuesday after a foggy and frosty start.  Tuesday was the 8th straight day below normal but didn't the sunshine go a long way!

Afternoon temperatures barely reach 50-degrees in most locations but the sun combined with little to no wind made a big difference.  Late in the day, clouds were once again on the increase which will lead to a nighttime temperature warmer than last night.

We've been below normal for over a week but remarkably our fall is still among the warmest on record. While November has turned chilly we still rank 20th warmest on record to date thanks to the warm September and October!


The chilly pattern will continue for Wednesday but get ready for a lousy weather day. We are forecasting a windy, wet Wednesday with heavier downpours and a chance of a thunderstorm by noon.  Plan accordingly!  It will be a cold rain falling again tomorrow.  Rainfall will increase to nearly 85% coverage by noon with some heavy downpours and few localized gusty winds.  The fast moving system and front will sweep east and improving conditions are expected for the evening commute.