Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued for several Indiana counties

Bartholomew County woman reacts after car explodes due to deer collision

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COLUMBUS, Ind.- A Bartholomew county woman is warning drivers after she hit a deer and then her car exploded.

Aimie Heltman said it all happened so fast, and now all that is left of her Honda CRV is a hulk of burnt wreckage.

“It’s kind of surreal,” said Heltman, “and it all happened very, very quickly.”

Friday morning, around 7:00, Heltman was heading east on Becks Grove Rd. in Columbus, when she said a huge deer leaped out from the woods, slamming into her car.

“You could see the car down here burning,” said Mark Elkins, who drove by the scene, “I didn’t know if it was a truck or a car, but you could hear the explosions.”

He’s not surprised the accident involved a deer.

“You have to watch what you’re doing out here because they’re plentiful,” said Elkins.

Heltman says within moments of the impact the car caught fire and was destroyed within 15 minutes.

“We were very, very thankful that the only thing we lost was the vehicle and no one was harmed,” said Heltman.

Indiana DNR says this is the time of year that most collisions with deer happen. The question remains what happened to the deer?

As far as we know it’s still out there.

“The deer got up and ran away, so if any of the local hunters are out and find a big 8-pointer with a limp, they need to bring him to my house,” said Heltman, laughing.

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