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Carmel family offers reward for missing skateboarding dog

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CARMEL, Ind.– A Carmel family is hoping someone knows what happened to their skateboarding English bulldog.

Christina Kiger and her family got Gus in Lafayette when he was 8 weeks old. They researched and prepared for 10 years before getting a bulldog because they knew the breed requires a lot of care and they can be very expensive.

On Oct. 4, Gus disappeared from their front yard in the area of 146th Street and Carey Road. A police report was filed, but no solid leads ever came.

Kiger let Gus out in the yard around 3:45 p.m. that day. She says it’s not uncommon for him to go hang out in the yard, typically by their tree or in the driveway. He was trained on an invisible fence and had not attempted to get out of his area for more than a year.

Around 4:30 p.m., one of Kiger’s daughters came in and said, “Mom, Gussy is gone!”

A neighbor had seen an unfamiliar car on their road that day. It went up and down the road a few times and at one point stopped in front of the neighbor’s home, but they never saw the car again.

She put a notice on the Nextdoor app that day and neighbors helped search wooded areas, cornfields and the Monon Trail. No traces of Gus were found after two weeks of constant searching. Strangers who saw Gus’ story helped by sharing it on Facebook and even passing out flyers.

Kiger says bulldogs aren’t the most mobile breed, and it was warm that day, so he would not have been able to get far on his own. He would get exhausted after short walks, she said. He did like to skateboard, however.

Today marks six weeks since Gus’ disappearance and there has not been a single confirmed sighting. This leads the family to believe he was taken by someone.

They’re offering a $1,500 reward for Gus’ return, no questions asked. Kiger says getting Gus back would be “the best Christmas present ever.”

She’s been keeping an eye on Craigslist postings, shelters and other places he could turn up.

Gus is neutered, so he can’t be used for breeding. He’s also microchipped, and Kiger says their Facebook page will be used to advocate for chipping once Gus has returned.

“People have been so kind to us and helped so much, and now we wait for that one person who knows something,” she said. “It’s very strange after all this time, he’s not been spotted.”

If you have any information about Gus, call 317-430-0926 or send an email to gusfindme@gmail.com.

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