IMPD: Off-duty officer accidentally shoots himself in calf

Off duty officer involved in accidental shooting

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– An off-duty Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer was taken to the hospital early Friday morning after police say he shot himself in the calf.

The officer was working security at the time of the shooting in Broad Ripple Village.

Police say they received a radio call from the off-duty officer at around 3 a.m., reporting that he accidentally discharged his firearm inside his personal vehicle and needed medical assistance. It happened while he was cleaning the weapon, police said.

Responding officers administered first aid before transporting him to IU Health Methodist Hospital in good condition.

“A lot of times, which is a good thing, it’s kind of boring up here. There’s not a lot going on,” said Capt. Michael Elder with IMPD. “If it’s warmer they’ll stand outside the car, if it’s cooler they’ll sit inside the car, listen to the radio.”

In this case, the officer sat inside his car parked in the 900 block of Broad Ripple Ave. IMPD says a personal firearm, not a department-issued firearm, was involved in the apparent accidental shooting.

IMPD send investigators to the scene to make sure all policies were followed before moving forward.