Indiana family receives new hope that father is alive after he went missing in Africa

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - It's an emotional turn of events after an Indiana family receives an email saying someone spotted their father alive four years after he went missing in South Africa.

It's been more than four years since Jerry Krause was last seen. And now, his family has received a new email from someone saying Jerry is alive and they saw him with their own eyes.

"It's like you're never able to fully process the grief. Like you're always grieving and you don't get any closure to that so you're just waiting for a conclusion to come, for an answer to come," Jerry's daughter, Jessica Krause said.

For Jessica and her family, the journey to find her father has been a wave of emotions.

The U.S. pilot was living in the west African country of Mali as a missionary. April 7, 2013 Jerry was on a flight from South Africa back to Mali when he vanished without a trace.

Now,  there are new signs of hope after the family received an email in September saying someone saw Jerry.

"This email specifically told us that she had discovered that my father had landed in Ambriz, Angola so originally he was supposed to land in Sao Tome never made it there," Jessica said.

The email came from a woman who the family identifies as Sydney, someone they believe has high level government contacts.

Sydney first contacted the family in 2014. An investigation lead to a dead end, so the family hired well known private investigator Logan Clarke and reached out to elected officials on Capitol Hill.

"When we're trying to find information we get responses like oh it's too high of clearance, non-direct answers about what actually happened. And so our theory is the us government now is somehow involved that they don't want us to know what exactly is happening," Jessica said.

Despite those road blocks the Krause family says they'll never stop fighting to find Jerry.

"For our family it was through God's revelation that we even started believing he was alive because we thought he died. There was literally a day we decided he was dead. And then the following day we had people come and tell us they had dreams of my father still being alive so for us we're a very faith oriented family so for us that was huge."

Their goal now is to get the word out there and even put pressure on President Trump and Vice President Pence to look into this and find out more about the classified information. Multiple sources say they have information but can't give it to the family.

They've also set up this Find Jerry Facebook page.