Police: Man arrested after pretending to be US Marshal, showed fake badge to ISP

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Authorities arrested a local man after they said he presented himself as a US Marshal to state police at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Larry Lawson was taken into custody after an investigation began off the accusation that he possessed counterfeit currency on Aug. 7 at the Indiana State Fair.

Police said Lawson agreed to be interviewed by ISP at their command center. During the interview, Lawson reportedly identified himself as a US Marshal and presented troopers with a badge.

Authorities showed up to his residence two days later and he was interviewed at his home.

Lawson told investigators that the badge he presented was false and that he was no longer in possession of it.

During the interview, authorities said they found the badge in his nightstand, along with a handgun and a large amount of money.

Lawson reportedly acknowledged that he lied to police earlier about no longer having the badge.

He was taken into custody on Oct. 4 on charges of impersonating a federal officer and lying to a federal officer.