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Windy – wet storm blows in Saturday; Sharp temperature drop to follow

Get ready for the wet weather!  An Autumn,n storm is getting its act together Friday night and the first showers will be arriving soon.  Later tonight (from 9 pm to 12 am) scattered showers and a few thunderstorms will develop and become more numerous as a warm front approaches.
A 100% chance of rain with nearly 100% coverage by noon Saturday. Wet and windy and this November gale blow into central Indiana. Heavy downpours and rain totals are possible.
Rainfall will be plentiful and some blinding downpours are possible. The RPM model (below) is the outlier here with max rainfall output. We've averaged 7 models with 1.29" for Indy. Spread .67" to 2.25"
The strong low pressure systems at this time of the year often brings powerful winds with them - called November Gales.  Gale force winds are winds from 39 to 54 mph and we are bracing for gusts over 40 mph Saturday.  A wind advisory has been issued for central and southern Indiana along with over a dozen more state.  The advisory is in effect from 11 am Saturday to 1 am Sunday.
We will wake up the very mild air early Saturday - temperatures will be rising to nearly 60-degrees by sunrise, warmest in nearly two weeks.  We will be in the storms warm sector but the trade off is rain.  Showers and even a thunderstorm could roam central Indiana early Saturday.  The rain reaches peak coverage and intensity around noon the begins to ease as a cold front passes and wind shift.
It will get much colder as the winds change direction and temperatures begin falling sharply by sunset Saturday.  We will fall into the 40s then settle below freezing on Sunday morning.  By daybreak Sunday it will fell over 40-degrees colder with a wind-chill in the teens!