Woman charged with reckless homicide after overdose death

Antonia Wright

ANDERSON, Ind.-- An Anderson woman is charged with reckless homicide and dealing methamphetamine after the overdose death of Vickie Christ, 57, as the Madison County prosecutor said they're filing more homicide charges in cases where they can prove who delivered the drugs in overdose deaths.

According to court documents, Antonia Wright told investigators she bought the drug for Christ in August. She said they smoked it, she nodded off and found Christ unresponsive and not breathing. The coroner ruled Christ's cause of death as overdose of methamphetamine.

"My mom was a very good hearted woman," Christ's son, Carl Bovie, said.

He said she struggled with addiction, even getting clean and working as a substance abuse counselor for a time.

"She did relapse and had been prescribed medication for injury and pain issues for quite some time and you know it led to more after that," Bovie said.

Wright is charged with reckless homicide, dealing methamphetamine and intimidation.

"More and more where we can prove that drugs are  being delivered by somebody and a victim dies we are filing homicide charges, the dealing charge as well as a homicide charge," Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings said.

He said it's an effort to stop the drugs.

"We've had I think last week we hit 235 overdose deaths in our community, that is a shocking number, that is a shocking number," Cummings said.

It goes beyond county lines, though. Part of Governor Holcomb's 2018 agenda includes establishing a felony charge for drug induced homicide.

"I think that we need to hold people's feet to the fire, I mean you've got to hold somebody accountable because that may save their lives too," Bovie said.

Bovie said he feels the community needs to come together to fight the drug epidemic, and that his mom would want people to not give up on somebody.

"I mean try to help somebody out of a hole instead of you know just waiting for them to dig it deeper," he said.