Another firefighter injured battling a vacant house fire

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind — A firefighter is in the hospital this morning, after falling through a the floor of a vacant house undergoing renovations on the city’s north side.

Shortly before 2 a.m., crews responded to the 4100 block of Broadway Street to find the upstairs portion of the house on fire.

While battling the blaze, the firefighter fell through the upstairs floor and got caught up in joists.

Another firefighter pulled him back up, and he was transported to Methodist Hospital with a shoulder injury.

There were no other injuries, and the fire caused an estimated $50,000 in damages.

This comes just a couple days after three firefighters were injured in another vacant house fire on the west side.

Two of them fell through the floor and the third was hit by a beam.

Those three firefighters have since been treated and released from the hospital.

Fire Chief Rita Reith with the Indianapolis Fire Department stresses that vacant house fires can be extremely unstable.

“The conditions of these structures is really iffy,” Reith said. “They’re not maintained, there are holes in the floor, the stairwells are gone. We don’t know what kind of damage has been done to them because they are vacant.”

November has already been a busy month for IFD.

IFD has received numerous reports of people seeking shelter from the elements in vacant structures.

That’s why officials are stressing that everyone remain vigilant, and if you see anything, call police, and let them know there are people going in and out of any vacant buildings and homes.