Indianapolis Animal Care Services waiving adoption fee with $15 donation to help pets

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indianapolis Animal Care Services is full and needs your help finding forever homes for its pets.

The shelter is running a special right now: if you make a $15 donation toward items on the shelter’s wish list, they’ll waive the adoption fee for a pet. Officials with the agency said the need for homes is critical.

“Right now we have a few open kennels, but we continue to take in more and more every day, so yesterday we had 18 adoptions but we still had 47 intakes, so it’s pretty critical right now to get these guys adopted especially as more and more come in,” said Kristin Lee with Indianapolis Animal Care Services.

“It’s a great time to adopt right now, definitely encouraging people to come out. But we’re also making sure people know that when they do adopt, that’s a serious commitment and we want those animals to keep their homes through the holidays and after,” Lee said.

To see the wish list for Animal Care Services, visit their website.