Police: 6 Frankfort residents arrested for dealing heroin, meth after month-long investigation

Top to Bottom: Mallory Brown, Joshua Nern, Matthew Wilson, Allen Isenberg, Garry Bray, Kyle Randolph

FRANKFORT, Ind. – Authorities in Frankfort arrested 6 residents who are believed to have sold heroin or meth after a month-long investigation.

The investigation was led by the Drug Task Force, which is comprised of both Frankfort police and the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office.

The following were arrested as part of the drug sweep:

  • Allen Isenberg, 30, dealing heroin
  • Matthew Wilson, 19, dealing meth
  • Kyle Randolph, 27, dealing heroin
  • Josh Nern, 39, dealing heroin
  • Garry Bray, 42, dealing heroin
  • Mallory Brown, 33, dealing look-a-like substance

“I am extremely proud of the Drug Task Force and all officers who assisted with this complex investigation,” Chief Troy Bacon said. “Over the past few years, we have ramped up our drug enforcement within the city and we have no plans of slowing down.”

Tara Goodnight, 32, was also arrested for visiting a common nuisance.

Authorities said the investigation is ongoing and more charges could follow.