A day in the life of a Carmel firefighter

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INDIANAPOLIS Ind—More and more these days, firefighters are being forced to fight more than just flames. They are being sent into more hostile and diverse situations than ever before.

So we decided to see for ourselves exactly what firefighting these days takes.

Our Alexa Green geared up to experience firsthand some of the dangers of the job.

Her day began with search-and-rescue training. First, breaking down a barricaded door and then with help of a fellow firefighter and a thermal imaging camera, she was able to locate a victim inside a smoke-filled room.

She made a rookie mistake: not closing the bedroom door to keep the fire contained to that room.

Next, she went upward, sounding a roof to see how stable it was.

“Whenever we have a fire we want to get all the smoke all the fire and all the flames going up,” said  Carmel Fire Department Captain Jason Wendzel.

Carmel firefighters train together each and every month, making sure they stay sharp and prepared for whatever comes their way.

“Everyday at any given time, we can find ourselves on a medical run, next minute you know we can be on the roof of a house, cutting a hole. That’s what we know throughout the day possibilities we can run into,” said Tim Griffin, a spokesman for the Carmel Fire Department.

In 2015 alone, according to the National Fire Protection Association, there were more than 65,000 firefighters injured on the job.