Higher speed limits on Ohio roadways now targeted for review

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COLUMBUS, Ohio –Residents of Ohio who have enjoyed  higher speed limits on the interstates and other roadway may have to back off the gas in the near future if the state has its way.

Ohio law enforcement officials will target high-crash Ohio  interstates and roads that have 70 mph speed limits as it studies the impact of the change to the higher speed limits.

The State Highway Patrol and the Department of Transportation say the analysis of those efforts could lead to a temporary reduction of the limit back to 65 mph in selected areas.

A patrol report released last week found a 24 percent increase in crashes on 70 mph roads, including 22 percent more fatal and injury crashes following the change to the higher speed limit in 2013.

The state will use overtime to increase the number of troopers working in three high-crash areas and will launch a $100,000 ad campaign urging drivers to slow down.