Quiet and cooler to end the weekend; November’s final week to end warmer


A warm wind blowing Friday afternoon and the temp tug-o-war continues!  The long holiday weekend forecast remains on track. We were expecting a surge in temperatures today. We've reached 59-degrees at 4 pm, the Normal for November 3rd and are up 14-degrees from 24 hours ago.

A cold front is in our future - scheduled to pass around sunrise Saturday so plan on a downturn in the temperatures to close out the weekend. Clouds may be plentiful Saturday early but this front will pass without any real precipitation.


Most of the days over the past two weeks (15 of the past 18) have been below normal but the final week of meteorological fall will end warmer than normal.  A new surge in warmth is expected by early next week with potential high temperatures surging to the 60s by Tuesday.

We are still seeing little to no real precipitation chances until the final day of the Month.  Our next 'best' chance of showers looks to arrive on Thursday.

December opens Friday with a seasonal feel but at this distance, no real cold surges are expected.  Arctic air remains bottled up for now.