Restaurant support supply store for everyone offers wholesale prices

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INDIANAPOLIS, - Ind.   There's a restaurant supply company in downtown Indianapolis that's been around for decades, but many people don't know about it--or that they can get deals at wholesale prices.  It's full of stuff for your kitchen, bar or basement.

"We have five kids, so my wife bakes and I cook and we do it everyday.  I need good, quality cooking ware, but I don't want to pay a fortune.  And I've found out, you don't have to," said Josh Mervis, a hobbyist chef.

Mervis has worked in professional kitchens before, so he shops at Zesco, on Capitol Avenue in downtown Indianapolis.  His most recent purchase is a stainless steel cooking tray and covering for $40.  He compared that to a pan he previously bought that cost him $350!

"Everyone pays wholesale pricing.  It doesn't matter if you work at a restaurant, if you own a restaurant or have even eaten in one.  People come in here and love the prices," said Thomas Fugate with Zesco.

"I've been shopping here for 10 years.  The first time I came in here, I saw Thomas and I said, 'Can I shop here or do I have to be a member?  Do I have to own a restaurant?'  He said, 'No, no, no!' Then he started showing me around and I rarely shop anywhere else," said shopper Debra Cantwell,

You'll find thousands of items in the store and 50,000 more on Zesco's website.   Shoppers can find a large variety of products and prices.

"It could be a refrigerator, a range a griddle.  It could be an ice machine, it could be chairs and bar stools, chinaware, glass ware or table ware," said Fugate.

"I can buy my dishes here, all in one place.  I also use all their pots and pans and I don't use mild clad anymore.  Their pots and pans are better here and they are a fourth of the cost," said Cantwell.

Mervis told FOX59 he saved thousands of dollars on not getting a custom made sink or expensive kitchen.  Fugate told him he didn't need what someone else suggested.  Instead, Mervis went in the back and bought a restaurant sink and other items and saved a lot of money.

"It's not just big tickets items.  I have five kids, which means we break a lot of glasses.  We can get a case here.  And if we break them it's OK, no one has to yell at the children," joked Mervis.

Zesco, which has been around for 45 years.  They keep pricing down by selling items as they are shipped to them.  Some items are sold by the case, others come individually.  They are open every day but Sunday.  However to observe Thanksgiving, they will be closed through the weekend and will re-open Monday.