Parents of babies in NICU can now see newborns 24/7 on smartphone app at Community North Hospital

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- Parents can now connect with their newborns in the NICU by simply using a smartphone.

The NICVIEW web cameras were installed at Community North Hospital just in time for the holidays.

“Ever since the babies were born they were in the NICU and there is an app that was given to us where we can view the babies on camera, so that was the best thing that happened," said Sameer Thakar.

Parents with babies in the NICU can download the NICVIEW app on their phone. It’s a web cam that allows parents to view their infant in real-time through a safe online portal.

“We’ve had 6,300 logins in just over a month which is amazing and we have had people be able to view all over the United States and into Europe and into Asia so it’s been great," said NICU nurse at Community North, Jamie Phillippe.

Sheetal and Sameer Thakar have twin girls who were born early at 31 weeks.

Their girls have been in the NICU for two weeks.

“Mostly when I am home I check every hour or so," said Thakar. "I just want to make sure they are okay and they are doing fine. It is difficult for a new mom to be away from their newborns. So, whenever I get a chance I do look at them.”

“When we open the app we see the live footage of our two angels and usually they are doing what they are supposed to do, sleeping," said Thakar.

Sam and Rachel Cho had triplets born prematurely four weeks ago.

The app allows them to be with their little ones at all times.

“Oh, yes, all the time like 24/7," said Cho.  And our families use it all the time, our close friends use it. We have a lot of distant relatives in Korea and then we have them all over the states so they have all been logging in to check in and see them.”

Community North is the second hospital in the Indy area to use NICVIEW.