Quiet and mild for December’s opening days; Colder pattern soon

November ends on a mild spell and meteorological fall is in the books.  This is the third straight Autumn above normal in Indianapolis.   Fall 2017 ends among the top 25 warmest and a strong follow up to fall 2016 (2nd warmest on record).   58% of the days since September 1st were above normal.
Thursday was he 7th straight day above normal - each day since Thanksgiving, and there is no let up as we open the month of December.  Two cold fronts have passed in the past two days but we remain untouched by the typical cold this time of year.
The flat, west to east jest stream bathes the nation with mild air and will persist through the weekend and into early next week.  The name 'jet stream' refers to the river of winds where jet aircraft fly and drives our weather here.   This is the least amount of snow cover across the lower 48 this late in November since these records began 14 years ago.
We will have an exceptionally mild spell for December's opening days including a high in the 60s early next week. Our next rain chance Monday comes on warm, southwest winds and ahead of a storm system. This storm will bring a significant change to our patter next week.
Cold weather indicators are going negative meaning arctic air is is departing the cold regions of our planet and on the move toward the US next week. The coldest air of season follows the 60-degree warmth later next week.  While no 'big' snows are indicated -  where there is cold the snow isn't far behind,  at this distance, snow showers are likely on Thursday.