Sunny and mild spell spills into December; 60-degrees days before cold pattern change

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We will take every bit of sunshine we can get!  We lose 9 more minutes of daylight and it is the cloudiest month of the year with only 38% of the possible sunshine.  The average high lowers from 44-degrees on the first to 36-degrees on New Year's Eve.  The average snowfall for December is 6.9".   We haven't had a above normal December snow tally since 2013.  Last year our largest snow of the entire came with 3.9" on the 16th.  We ended the season with less than 10" - only the 12th time on record.
Along with the sunshine the mild spell spills into the new month.  Today's high of 54-degrees is 10-degrees above normal and warmest open to a December in five years!
The jest stream is running flat from west to east and bathing the nation with mild pacific origin air.  Nationwide is absent of arctic air - still bottled up north.  The warm pattern has much to do with the lack of snow cover across the lower 48 with less than 10% of the county covered in snow.  This is the least amount of snow cover on December first in the 14 years that these records have been kept.
Before we shake up the pattern and dislodge some colder air we will make a run at possibly two 60-degree days early next week.  The jet stream will change and when the cold comes south the wavy jest stream will spin up a stronger, low pressure system that blows warm winds here Monday.  In the storms warm sector Monday and early Tuesday temperatures are expected to crack 60-degrees before turning sharply colder Tuesday afternoon.  Rain and a chance of thunderstorms comes with the storm and the cold front starting as early as Monday night.
It's been a little over a week since out coldest air of the season arrived.  So far we've dipped to 23-degrees on November 22nd and the colder pattern coming our way is sure to beat it.   By Wednesday, temperatures will settle into the low to mid 30s for a afternoon highs and nighttime temperatures will possibly dip into the teens Thursday and Friday morning next week.
Get ready, here comes a real December chill.  The cold blast is still lacking snowfall at least in its early stages.  A few flurries and even a passing snow shower is possible but it is not looking likely that significant snow will fall at this distance.  Often the snow will follow when there is a colder pattern but longer range forecasts may not handle those details so well just yet.  Stay tuned, we will keep you up to date!