Indy Councilman Jeff Miller removed from all committee assignments after child molestation charges

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- Indianapolis City-County Councilman Jeff Miller was removed from all three committees he serves on Monday evening ahead of a full council meeting.

During that full council meeting, he recused himself from voting on any matters involving the Marion County Prosecutor's Office.

It's that agency that charged him with child molestation after an investigation into his actions, involving alleged massaging and inappropriate touching of young girls.

While Miller's removal is effective immediately, he can still attend the committee meetings. He previously indicated he would attend the meetings whether he was on them or not.

Brian Mowery will replace him on the Metropolitan and Economic Development Committee; Scott Kreider will take his post on Public Works and Marilyn Pfisterer will take his Community Affairs and Education role.

It's possible Miller could be expelled from the Republican caucus via a vote, but City-County Council Minority Leader Michael McQuillen noted such a vote had not been planned.

"I removed Jeff Miller from three committees and added three republican councilors to those slots," said McQuillen. "I think it’s very important we have counselors representing the citizens of Indianapolis who have the time and ability to attend the committee meetings and put their full effort into attacking the issues of the day."

McQuillen also renewed his call for Miller to resign.

"I have asked Jeff to resign his position so we can get a counselor on there who will be able to attend the committee meetings necessary to be a good representative or good counselor for the area," he said, noting that Miller's presence would be a "distraction."

Miller faces three counts of child molesting, fondling or touching with a child under 14. Court documents show he is accused of fondling two young girls inside his Fletcher Place home after a month-long investigation.

One of the two alleged victims told authorities Miller “did bad touch” to her at his home on Oct. 20, according to court documents. A victim told her parents of the incidents after watching a report about Harvey Weinstein.

Miller appeared in court Monday and asked for a special prosecutor to be assigned to the case.

Miller asked for a no-contact order between him and his son to be lifted. Prosecutors said if it’s lifted, visits should be supervised. The judge said the matter is being considered and gave prosecutors two weeks to formally respond. Miller is the sole caregiver and claims it’s not in the child’s best interest to keep them apart.

The son was initially placed in foster care by the Department of Child Services before being placed in the care of Miller’s parents.

There have been several calls for Miller's resignation, but no letter from him has been received. His trial is expected to begin in about four months.