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Tips to selling your home to avoid turnoffs for buyers

We all have likes and dislikes when it comes to the styles of homes we’re drawn to, but if you’re selling your home, there are top property turn offs.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Indiana Trusted Advisor Andy Spurling says sellers can get in front of potential issues, by keeping up with common household chores, and easy fixes, especially outside.  “First appearances are key.  Lawns that are not landscaped and clutter are not the best first impression to someone looking to buy.  Maintenance items that you have not completed can show up pretty quickly to a buyer.”

The inside of a home is just as important.  “When you walk into a home, two sense kick in quickly, sight and smell,” Spurling said.  “Odors such as pets and cooking can set a bad tone to a viewing.  A good air freshener can go a long way.”

You can also make your home more inviting with light.  “Blinds can help make a room bright, cheery and inviting,” Spurling said.  “Leaving the lights on in every room also helps to make the space ready to show for the Realtor.  If you’re baking this holiday season, that will give your home an inviting tone as well.

Spurling says one of the best pieces of advice is to help potential buyers see the space as their own.  “Uncluttering is the best.  People like to walk in a home and visualizing themselves living there.  When all you see is their belongings, it’s tough to see theirs.  Box up clutter and store in the garage, or even rent a small storage unit.”