Boone County judicial system seeing increased workload this year

LEBANON, Ind. – Agencies within the Boone County judicial system have seen a dramatic increase in the number of cases coming across their desks.

So far in 2017, the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office has filed 2,255 criminal cases compared to 1,697 in all of 2016.

“It’s actually been a little rough since July,” Boone County Clerk Jessica Fouts said. “We went from five or ten cases a day to 15, 20 cases a day and upwards.”
The Boone County Council recently approved additional overtime pay for employees at the clerk’s office and prosecutor’s office as well as three new deputy prosecutor positions and an additional paralegal for the prosecutor’s office.

“There’s actually nine of us and I’ve pulled one from the election office to come help this year because it’s a non-election year,” Fouts said.

Boone County officials credit the increased number of cases to three main reasons: more drugs, more people and more officers arresting people.

“Almost every Monday we have an onslaught of felony drug cases,” Fouts said.

The Boone County Sheriff's Office recently got funding approved for new deputies to keep up with the growing population in the county. Some of those officers hit the road in 2017 and more will join in 2018.

"So I don’t think we’ve seen the full impact of those new deputies yet," Fouts said.

Boone County is in the process of switching to an electric filing system for its court records, which Fouts said should help her office keep up with the increased workload moving forward.