IU soccer in pursuit of 9th national championship as Hoosiers head to College Cup

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As Indiana heads to an NCAA-record 19th College Cup, head coach Todd Yeagley wants his Hoosiers to evoke the attitude of IU’s 2012 national championship team.

“That was a big take-away in 2012,” Yeagley said in a news conference Tuesday at Assembly Hall. “They had a great time. Everybody enjoyed it. That has to start with our communication from the coaches. We try not to get any more amped. We’ve got to keep things similar and have fun.”

Indiana knocked off Michigan State in a shootout on the Hoosiers’ home field to advance to the 2017 College Cup.

IU is in search of it’s ninth NCAA men’s soccer title. This is the Hoosiers first trip to the College Cup since 2012. IU (17-0-6) heads to Philadelphia on Wednesday, with it’s national semifinal match against 3rd-seeded North Carolina (16-3-1) on Friday night. Stanford and Akron are the other two teams in contention for a national championship.

“Going into this, there’s going to be a lot of anxiety come near kickoff, so there’s no need to bring any more of that into the weekend,” Yeagley explained, drawing on the experience from his 2012 team. “We’ll do our best to keep it enjoyable and take in the moments. Everyone was really stoic in ’12 except for our team. They were just enjoying it. They were very focused come game time, which I hope this group will be too.”

The players, who danced and celebrated alongside the hundreds of fans who rushed the field after Friday’s win over Michigan State at Armstrong Stadium, say they’ll bring that same energy into the College Cup.

“We have a lot of guys who are big jokesters,¬†but we know when to focus and when to joke around,”¬†sophomore midfielder Francesco Moore said. “We have a lot of personalities that mesh well together. We like to think of ourselves as a family. We know what to say to each other. We believe that. We’re all brothers. We get along well. We know when to turn it on, when to be focused and intense, and when to kick it back and relax a little bit.”

Indiana’s eight national championships in men’s soccer is second only to St. Louis, which boasts 10 titles.