Madison County man accused of child molestation

Garry Lee Jolliff

ALEXANDRIA, Ind. – A Madison County man faces a child molestation charge after an investigation that started in Tennessee.

Police arrested Garry Lee Jolliff, 32, Alexandria, last week on charges of child molestation and incest.

According to the probable cause affidavit, investigators with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department received a DVD on Oct. 13 with a forensic interview from the Upper Chamberland Child Advocacy Center in Cookeville, Tennessee.

A girl under the age of 14 said she was visiting Jolliff in Alexandria; the girl slept on the floor while Jolliff slept on the couch. He then picked her up, laid her on the couch and had sex with her. The girl told investigators it happened more than once while she was visiting between March 19 and March 26.

Police interviewed Jolliff on Oct. 25. He denied the accusations and said he would “never do anything like that.”

If convicted, Jolliff faces a sentence of 20 to 40 years on the child molestation charge and 2 to 12 years on the other count.