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Probation officer accuses Indiana judge of sexual harassment

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HUNTINGTON, Ind. — The chief probation officer for a northeastern Indiana county is suing a county judge, alleging that he subjected her to “a campaign of sex-based harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.”

Heather Malone’s lawsuit filed Thursday alleges that Huntington County Circuit Judge Thomas Hakes sent her dozens of unwanted online messages and emails, tracked her activity on social media and reacted negatively to her dating another man.

She alleges the messages continued even after she asked for Hakes to stop.

Her suit contends the judge retaliated against her by recommending she be denied a pay raise and told others to circumvent her at the county courthouse, creating a “hostile and oppressive” workplace.

A member of the Hakes’ staff said Friday the judge has declined to comment on the suit at this time.