Target store in Nora robbed at gunpoint

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Police are on the hunt for a violent armed robber who held up a Target store in Nora on the city’s north side.

In surveillance images, you can see the man with a gun in hand, just feet from terrified employees.

According to police, the man who ripped off the store on Wednesday night is a black male, between 20 and 30 years old with a blue bandana covering his face.

“I’m probably at this Target once a week or more,” said frequent shopper Sarah Throckmorton, “and I’ve never thought of this as a violent area.”

Police said the employees did not try to fight with the robber, and instead just let him get what he wanted.

“The best thing I can that I can tell people that when they are visiting stores if something like this happens…is to just stand back,” said Officer Genae Cook of IMPD, “just be a witness, don’t try to get involved.”

News of the robbery had people who work in the Nora area on edge.

“I work at one of the restaurants, so if they did to Target, ain’t (sic) no telling what they could do…to us,” said Demetrius Canny, who works at a fast-food restaurant nearby.

Police say this is a reminder for everybody to be aware at all times, but especially during this hectic holiday shopping season.

“It’s very important that when you’re shopping, that you watch what’s going on around you,” said Cook.