IN Focus: Sen. Donnelly defends vote against tax reform bill

INDIANAPOLIS - Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) appeared on this week's edition of IN Focus, defending his vote against the GOP tax reform bill that passed the Senate last weekend.

In the video above, Donnelly explains his vote against the tax reform proposal, which is still working its way through a conference committee as part of the legislative process.

In a statement last weekend, Donnelly said the bill didn't do enough for the middle class.

"From the beginning I’ve been willing to partner with Republicans, with Democrats, with the president, and with this Administration," said Donnelly. "I agreed with President Trump’s stated goals of supporting the middle class and keeping jobs here in America… Here’s the bottom line: I opposed Mitch McConnell’s bill because it is not tax reform, it’s a partisan tax hike on Indiana’s middle class, it does nothing to prevent outsourcing of US jobs to foreign countries, and it’s a giveaway to Wall Street and other big money interests."

Donnelly's vote was being closely watched by Republicans, who are hoping to unseat Donnelly in next year's midterm election.

Two members of Congress running for Donnelly's seat issued statements critical of Donnelly's vote against the tax bill.

"When President Trump looks for bipartisan support in the Senate, Donnelly never steps up to the plate. He was the deciding vote against repealing Obamacare, and he just voted against the President's tax cut plan despite feigning bipartisan interest for months," said Rep. Luke Messer (R-IN). "Senator Donnelly is not working with the President, he's not voting with Hoosiers, and he's not delivering results."

Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) also blasted Donnelly for his vote against the tax bill, in an interview that aired on this week's edition of IN Focus.