Kokomo Christmas light display raises thousands for charity

KOKOMO, Ind- We Care Park may look like a scene out of your favorite Christmas movie, but it’s actually a neighborhood in Kokomo.

“I’ve got over a million lights in the whole neighborhood, just for two blocks,” said Mike Wyant, creator of We Care Park.

You’ll see everything from a dragon that spits fire, to an illuminated miniature Ferris wheel and of course there’s your more traditional Christmas décor.

Cars are sometimes backed up 15-20 blocks, just to get a glimpse of this light show.

“It sometimes take a car an hour to get to Santa Claus,” said Wyant.

It’s free to drive, or walk, through We Care Park.

However, most people who go through make a donation benefiting a local charity.

“Whether it’s a guy giving me a $15,000 check or some little lady in a wheelchair out here one night—she only had $0.14, she gave me all she had, and I said ‘mam that’s what it’s all about,’” said Wyant.

Every penny collected goes to support We Care of Kokomo.

It’s a non-profit that helps people in and around Howard County who are struggling financially, or dealing with a mental or physical disability.

Last year, more than $60,000 was raised.

“We care park started 23 years ago this year—and its raised close to a million dollars in 22 years,” said Wyant.

Mike explained that it takes a village to pull this off year after year.

He and his team of volunteers started setting up the lights in August.

“It’s hard to get in the Christmas spirit when you’re sweating,” said Wyant.

But somehow he always does and so do the others who help him.

“We have a lot of people who come and visit. It shows a lot of people the true meaning of Christmas, said Tyler Willhite, one of the We Care Park volunteers.

We Care Park is located in the 2300 block of Lafountain Street in Kokomo.

The lights come on nightly at five and shut off once the cars finally stop driving through.