Get your groceries without going into the store

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- It's the latest in getting your groceries with ease. Kroger has slowly increased its presence in the online grocery service--and it's seeing a lot of positive feedback from customers.

"I'm getting my groceries and I'm not dealing with the inside crowd. I prefer not going inside if I don't have to. This is great, because my delivery guy Grady takes care of me a lot," said Bridget Bolles.

Kroger associate Grady Elder brings out Bridget's groceries to her car at the Kroger in Carmel. It's one of six Kroger stores surrounding Indianapolis taking part.

"That's what they really like because they don't want to have to go inside with the kids running around grabbing things off the shelves saying, 'I want this mommy and daddy.' This is just much less hectic for some," said Elder.

Kroger's service is called Clicklist, found on Kroger's website. A variety of different consumer groups use the service: busy people, older folks, those with medical conditions and people with young kids.

"We try to make it as easy as possible. In a way, it's push-button grocery shopping. You just decide where you want to pick them up, or if you want your groceries deliveries to your home," said Kroger spokesman Eric Halvorson.

Kroger has been easing into the online shopping space, working out the kinks and seeing big growth in those who use it.

"I guess time is money. That's what it comes down to especially during the busy holiday and all the things that you are doing between work, family obligations and personal obligations. It's just nice to have something delivered to your door and that's why I like the service," said April Shores, a Kroger customer.

Workers in store collect the items people ordered online. They will either take them to your home for $11.95, or people can pick them up at the store for $4.95. Groceries are bagged and ready, and brought to a customer's car at the store. People don't even need to get out; employees put them in the car.

"It's so easy! There's a $5 charge, but it's well worth it. You can even use your coupons--you can use anything digital or paper or whatever you need," said Bolles.

And making it even faster, if customers have ordered multiple times, the Clicklist system will keep track of your most popular items so you don't even have to search for them on the website.