Missouri residents fight back against package thieves by filling boxes with stinky surprises

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Having someone steal packages from your porch stinks—but some residents in Missouri are hoping package thieves won’t smell what’s coming for them.

The neighbors are filling empty packages with dog and cat waste and other items in hopes that the would-be thieves get what they deserve, reports WDAF.

“I have two shoeboxes full of poo!” said Anna Nedeau, who lives in Kansas City’s Volker neighborhood. “Kind of fight back in a passive-aggressive way.”

Nedeau and her neighbors said they’re tired of thieves stealing packages from home.

“I put the poo in a nice Christmas wrap with ribbons and a little card,” Nedeau said. “I just want them to get so frustrated that all these boxes that they're picking up have poo in them.”

Nedeau said neighbors in several nearby communities are doing the same thing. It’s important to be strategic.

"Mark out anything that's incriminating. Don't put it on your porch; put it kind of maybe between houses, like it was dropped there, so you won't have any retaliation,” she said.

She’s hoping thieves will pick up the stinky boxes and think twice before swiping another one.

“I hope you like old lady panties and cat food cans because that's what you`re gonna get for Christmas!” she said.

The “poo box protest,” as she calls it, is helping her deal with the feeling of helplessness that comes along with the thefts.

“Plus, it kind of gets out, you know, your frustrated feelings about crime that you can't do anything about. It's cathartic, too. It helps you keep your Christmas cheer.”